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Embark on an extraordinary chess coaching experience at IntelligenChess. We provide personalised coaching for all ages, helping you unlock your chess potential and sharpen strategic thinking. Discover the transformative power of our programs and elevate your game to new heights. Did you know? The middlegame is a crucial phase where players develop strategies and position their pieces for an attack or defense, setting the stage for a decisive outcome.

The Pawn

One move at a time

The Knight

Strategic leaps, tactical finesse

The Queen

Majestic multi-mover


  • Master the game, one move at a time.

    1 hr

    50 British pounds
  • Strategic leaps, tactical finesse.

    1 hr

  • Majestic mastery, multi-move brilliance.

    1 hr

Drago worked as a Chess Teacher at our community school. He was very professional, punctual, reliable and friendly with the children. The children enjoyed his lessons very much and we loved working with him!
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