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Updated: Aug 28, 2023

Discover the exhilarating world of high-level chess as we delve into the captivating matches of the 2023 Aimchess Rapid. In this blog post, we will explore the theme of comebacks and draw valuable insights from the thrilling battles between chess titans Magnus Carlsen and Wesley So. Get ready to be inspired by their resilience, tactical brilliance, and the power of never giving up.

The Power of Resilience: Soaring from Behind

Wesley So emerged victorious from the Losers Bracket to challenge Magnus Carlsen in the Grand Final. Through intense matches against Iturrizaga and Abdusattorov, So showcased his exceptional resilience and strategic brilliance. In his first match against Iturrizaga, So turned the tides of the game by being more accurate than his opponent:

A chess game played between Wesley So and Iturrizaga at the 2023 Aimchess Rapid

Being resourceful as a chess player means finding chess moves which allow for the implementation of strategic ideas and tactical shots. However, being more accurate than your resourceful opponent could outsmart their ideas and allow you to beat them despite their creative skills. In the game above, So demonstrated how accuracy can prevail over resourcefulness.

One remains resilient by displaying patience and cautiousness. If you find yourself in a situation where you must win a game, you do not play without cautiousness, especially against stronger opponents. Carelessness is punished, but cautiousness - rewarded, as we can see from the first game between So and Abdusattorov:

Not all comebacks have a happy ending. This is because Magnus Carlsen eventually defeated Wesley So to win the Aimchess Rapid 2023. Nevertheless, despite Magnus winning the first two games, Wesley still had a minor comeback in the third game which he won. Have you had your comebacks in your chess matches? You might have, regardless of whether you are an experiences chess player or still learning how to crawl. I have had my comebacks numerous times, especially at the beginning of my career as a chess player. I remember finding checkmates in one or two moves in horrendous positions against much stronger opponents. Remember, we all make mistakes. Do not let your own mistakes impact your opportunity for a comeback. See below for Wesley's reaction after winning the third game:

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Мірай Бакир
Мірай Бакир
Jul 15, 2023

This post makes a lot of sense, thank you!

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